Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers(140)

Hello Everybody!

First, I'm writing this the day after the riots in Baltimore. Good God there are some idiots in that town. When I look at the morons rioting it reminds of an element that you can't escape when you are incarcerated. It is these ignorant people that live by the rule of the street. It's actually a small majority of the prison population and, for me, was one of the hardest things to deal with while in there. They aspire to be rappers, drug kingpins, and pimps. They come from urban areas that are economically depressed and they have no desire to go back to any place but that environment. They have no desire to better themselves or to change their criminal behaviors. These are the people I see burning down Baltimore. They are ignorant, idiot, morons that are useless to society. Many of them are Bloods, Crypts, Mandingo Warriors, Gorilla Family,  and on and on......
The reason I even mention any of this is because if you are drifting in their direction, you better check yourself right now. The road of this mentality leads to prison and death and no where else. 
Enough of that crap - 
On this week's show Iv'e got a great guest. I'm open to the advice of go-getter type young people and that's the catagoty this week's guest falls into. A junior at Cornell, Nihar Suthar already has a great grip on realty. His book Win No Matter What is the center point of our discussion and I hope you join me for the interview because I think you'll find some excellent tidbits of advice.
Remember, If God is for you, Who can be against you?