Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers (176)


I don't have to tell you how incredibly hard life in prison is. Freedom is a beautifull thing but as those of us who have been incarcerated for significant prriods of time know, coming home can be rough as well. Job searches, restoring relationships, even getting through the day to day routines required in modern society can present hurdles that are seemingly to high to jump on occasion. We also learn that despite these hurdles, it sure beats living in prison! Never the less, we learn that those hurdles are indeed jumpable.

I am always interested in getting people on the podcast that have been through incarceration and have taken that adversity and turned it into something they can use to better themselves. My guest this week has done just that. Shaun Attwood became a millionaire in his mid 20's by dealing dealing drugs and throwing raves. Those actions caused him to have problems with the Gambino crime family and eventually landed him in prison. While there, he worked on himself and when he got out, he eventually became a successful author and speaker. The details of his story are amazing.

Shaun has written several books including an international best seller. One of his projects sold to Hollywood for a movie that will star Tom Cruise. 

Check out my interview with Shaun Attwood and read more about him on Wikipedia. Check out Shaun's web page to learn even more about his life during and after prison by clicking here: CLICK! You can also get to Shaun's books on that page (which I highly recommend you do!)

Remember, if God is for you, who can be against you?