Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers (133)

Hey Everyone!

As we enter this new year, its a time to contemplate I guess. What we contemplate is up for debate. I have a tendency to reflect more on broader questions than setting goals or stating resolutions because goals and resolutions are a constant, ever evolving exercise with me. So, in that tradition, here's a question for you: What is our purpose?
Now, you can ask that question to 10 different people and get ten different answers, but I think my guest this week might just have the kind of answers that will get you to........well, contemplate the question. My guest is David Gaggin. 
A different kind of show this week but David Gaggin has some very cool information for us on this week's show. 
If God is for you, who can be against you?
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Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers (119)

Hi Everyone!

Marsha Barth from Step Into Life Ministries is my very special guest this week. In her capacity as a volunteer, Marsha goes into the jails and teaches the necessary skills needed for a successful re-entry. 
Marsha is also an author and has written a wonderful book about overcoming adversity called The Shattering

Join me for my discussion with Marsha Barth. Take a look at her book by clicking this link: Marsha Barth
As always, remember, if God is for you, who can be against you?
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