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Check out my interview with author Joseph Holmes. His book, Love Notes For Your Soul, has some great ideas that can be applied to helping you and me level out life after incarceration. His story a little different than anything I've heard before and your'e going to have a keep a open mind as he tells it. That said and regardless - his ideas are solid and the application of what he says can assist in a successful reintegration. Joseph has other books you may want to check out as well and if you want to learn more about his experiences and writingings just click the highlighted link above.

Remember, if God is for you who can be against you?


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Over the years I have enjoyed booking guests that have been down a rough road and on their own not only tackled their demons but have been organized enough to find a way to present what they did to others. Sharie Spironhi has done just that.
Sharie defeated mood and bipolar disorder after hospitalizations and years of medication yielded no positive results. She has shared how she did this through blogging for Psychology Today and writing a book:   Why We Are Wired to Worry and How Neuroscience Will Help You Fix It.
Today, Sharie shares her techniques with us and talks about how we can get past the things that cause ruminating worry and the related stress it causes in our lives as we fight toward reintegration.
Remember, If God is for you, who can be against you?

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Hello Everybody!

First, I'm writing this the day after the riots in Baltimore. Good God there are some idiots in that town. When I look at the morons rioting it reminds of an element that you can't escape when you are incarcerated. It is these ignorant people that live by the rule of the street. It's actually a small majority of the prison population and, for me, was one of the hardest things to deal with while in there. They aspire to be rappers, drug kingpins, and pimps. They come from urban areas that are economically depressed and they have no desire to go back to any place but that environment. They have no desire to better themselves or to change their criminal behaviors. These are the people I see burning down Baltimore. They are ignorant, idiot, morons that are useless to society. Many of them are Bloods, Crypts, Mandingo Warriors, Gorilla Family,  and on and on......
The reason I even mention any of this is because if you are drifting in their direction, you better check yourself right now. The road of this mentality leads to prison and death and no where else. 
Enough of that crap - 
On this week's show Iv'e got a great guest. I'm open to the advice of go-getter type young people and that's the catagoty this week's guest falls into. A junior at Cornell, Nihar Suthar already has a great grip on realty. His book Win No Matter What is the center point of our discussion and I hope you join me for the interview because I think you'll find some excellent tidbits of advice.
Remember, If God is for you, Who can be against you?


Hello everyone!

It's Spring Break here at Journey of Hope. We will be back in two weeks with more usefull information and guests. See you then!

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Addiction is hell. It really is. Because of the roll an addiction can play in a successful parole, probation, or reintegration, I feel like I can't do enough of these shows. I'm constantly on the look out for guests that have a good grip the steps necessary to beat an addiction. 
My guest this week, Jean Day, does a fantastic job discussing addiction and her conversation with me is one that ex-offenders and their loved ones can benefit from.
Be sure and check out Jean Day on YouTube, "I Kicked Heroin Without the Help of Methadone." She also has a fan page on Facebook, "Things I've Learned Along the Way".
Remember, If God is for you, who can be against you?

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Hi Yall,

I've had people tell me over the years that I should not let anyone take my joy from me. What? I would always think, walk in my shoes buddy! However, I've learned over time that they are right. Why shouldn't I be happy? After all, I paid an extremely high price for what I did and it's time to move forward and live in a more positive way.
My guest this week, Dean Roberts has figured out how to help people live in a positive , more grateful way. Dean's book, I'll Fix My Head Before I'm Dead is his take on how to go about doing this. I think he's dead on!
Join me for my interview with Dean Roberts on this week's edition of the show.
Always remember, if God is for you, who can be against you?

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Welcome to episode 135!

When someone mentions the big green monster are they talking about envy or jealousy? Turns out it's both! Both can be destructive emotions and are certainly worth taking a look at because they can negatively effect your relationships and other aspects of your life if left unchecked. 
My guest this week, Dr. Josh Gressel, zeros in on envy. Josh and I have a great conversation on how envy can be controlled. 
My friends, don't let envy be a problem in your life! Check out my interview with Dr. Josh Gressel. After the interview check out Josh Gressel's book
Remember. if God is for you, who can be against you?

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Hey Everyone!

As we enter this new year, its a time to contemplate I guess. What we contemplate is up for debate. I have a tendency to reflect more on broader questions than setting goals or stating resolutions because goals and resolutions are a constant, ever evolving exercise with me. So, in that tradition, here's a question for you: What is our purpose?
Now, you can ask that question to 10 different people and get ten different answers, but I think my guest this week might just have the kind of answers that will get you to........well, contemplate the question. My guest is David Gaggin. 
A different kind of show this week but David Gaggin has some very cool information for us on this week's show. 
If God is for you, who can be against you?

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Hi Everyone!

Marsha Barth from Step Into Life Ministries is my very special guest this week. In her capacity as a volunteer, Marsha goes into the jails and teaches the necessary skills needed for a successful re-entry. 
Marsha is also an author and has written a wonderful book about overcoming adversity called The Shattering

Join me for my discussion with Marsha Barth. Take a look at her book by clicking this link: Marsha Barth
As always, remember, if God is for you, who can be against you?