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My guest today has dealt with mental illness from without and within. Yassin Hall's mother struggled with schizophrenia as Yassin was growing up. The disease became more acute as Yassin  entered her fragile young teen years. Furthermore, as an adult, Yassin discovered she too had mental disease and her attempts to treat it with medication were unsuccessful. 
Never the less, this is indeed a story of success. Join me for my interview with Yassin Hall as she describes her victory over adversity. Learn more about Yassin and take a look at her book,  Journey Untold, Twisted Love, My Mother's Struggle With Mental Illness. 
Remember, If God is for you, who can be against you?
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Over the years I have enjoyed booking guests that have been down a rough road and on their own not only tackled their demons but have been organized enough to find a way to present what they did to others. Sharie Spironhi has done just that.
Sharie defeated mood and bipolar disorder after hospitalizations and years of medication yielded no positive results. She has shared how she did this through blogging for Psychology Today and writing a book:   Why We Are Wired to Worry and How Neuroscience Will Help You Fix It.
Today, Sharie shares her techniques with us and talks about how we can get past the things that cause ruminating worry and the related stress it causes in our lives as we fight toward reintegration.
Remember, If God is for you, who can be against you?
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Hey Yall!

Sometimes you just need a little faith. There are so many possibilities of where to put your faith though! My advice - for what it's worth.... which isn't much, is to pick something positive and go with it. What I really like is taking a common sense, critical approach to any variety of spirituality that asks for faith. That's why I really like this week's guest.
Don Harris doesn't necessarily believe that the bible is an accurate account of anything, but does believe that Jesus is who he said he was. In our discussion, Don reconciles his assertions in an interesting and convincing way. It's an interesting discussion and one in which those of us who look to God for guidance and comfort when our reintegration gets tough will find very interesting.
I hope you will join me for my interview with Don Harris.  
Remember, if God is for you, who can be against you?
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My guest this week has a great way of looking at life! Dianne Collins has developed something called "Quantum Thinking". In our interview, Dianne shares thoughts from her award winning book, Do You Quantum Think? In our discussion Dianne talks about the methodologies she has developed to attack problems in our lives. I like her thinking and her ideas seem like a great resource for ex-offenders serious about moving forward with their lives in a positive way. 

I invite you to join me for our interesting interview on this week's edition of the show.

Remember, if God is for you, who can be against you?
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Hi Yall!

My guest this week is Emily Filloramo. For some reason it is beyond my ability to consistently pronounce her last name. That said, Emily has some great information for us. Emily gives her take on what self-actualization really is. She also discussed the role negative talk plays in our lives.  We touched on several topics of interest to ex-offenders and I think you will enjoy the take a listen.
Emily has a great book out called, How to Permanently Erase Negative Self Talk Be sure to take a look at it after listening to the interview.

Remember, If God is for you, who can be against you?
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Summer Summer Summer

We are enjoying our Summer break! 

Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers will be back in July with more great ideas on how to be successful in returning home from incarceration. We have some great guests lined up and hope you will join us for these important episodes!

Stay cool and we will see you in July!

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Wow! This episode was hard to get together. I had tons of techy type issues. The strange thing about it though is when this particular interview was over, I did two more interviews and everything worked just fine. Odd.
This month marks 5 years of bringing Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers to men and women serious about not going back to prison. We have done 143 episodes and hope to do at least as many more. Most importantly however, we hope to do our small part in helping ex-offenders to become and to continue to be productive members of society. 
Check out my interview with Johanna Derbolowski on this week's episode. You can find out more about Johanna and how to get her book here.
Remember, if God is for you who can be against you?
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My guest this week is Ari Priakos. Ari was at one point in his life an investment banker making insane amounts of money and living the "high" life. How quickly it can all come crashing down. It doesn't necessarily have to be the money or the lifestyle that gets flushed down the toilet when we get convicted but It's also obviously the comfort of the circles in which we exist. 
Ari searched for the proper way to change and in his efforts made a series of discoveries that he is sharing with us. His books,The Reference Point, and I Alone,  Mastering Life's Seven Principles, are discussed in our interview and Ari shares some of the insights he has gained from his journey.
Remember, If God is for you, who can be against you!
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Hello Everybody!

First, I'm writing this the day after the riots in Baltimore. Good God there are some idiots in that town. When I look at the morons rioting it reminds of an element that you can't escape when you are incarcerated. It is these ignorant people that live by the rule of the street. It's actually a small majority of the prison population and, for me, was one of the hardest things to deal with while in there. They aspire to be rappers, drug kingpins, and pimps. They come from urban areas that are economically depressed and they have no desire to go back to any place but that environment. They have no desire to better themselves or to change their criminal behaviors. These are the people I see burning down Baltimore. They are ignorant, idiot, morons that are useless to society. Many of them are Bloods, Crypts, Mandingo Warriors, Gorilla Family,  and on and on......
The reason I even mention any of this is because if you are drifting in their direction, you better check yourself right now. The road of this mentality leads to prison and death and no where else. 
Enough of that crap - 
On this week's show Iv'e got a great guest. I'm open to the advice of go-getter type young people and that's the catagoty this week's guest falls into. A junior at Cornell, Nihar Suthar already has a great grip on realty. His book Win No Matter What is the center point of our discussion and I hope you join me for the interview because I think you'll find some excellent tidbits of advice.
Remember, If God is for you, Who can be against you?
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So what's up with all the geniuses out there that insist on running from the police? Do they think they are going to get away? Wow! The ignorance amazes me . As an ex-offender you should know some simple truths about dealing with law enforcement. I feel like I know these truths and I feel like most of you know them as well. However, I feel the need to share them. 
1. Comply with all requests from the police and do so in a courteous way.
2. If you run, you will at a minimum get your ass kicked. Some people even end up dead as has been seen in  the National news lately.  No judge cares or wants to hear why you have 2 black eyes and a busted lip at your preliminary hearing. If you have a warrant you are going to jail so get your head ready for that. DON'T RUN!
That's it! It's that simple!
OK - On to this week's show:
On this week's show we take a look at our spirituality. Are you a spiritual person? If not, should you be? If you are, what is it that we should be seeking?
I chatted on this phone the founder and former Senior pastor of Holy Community Church in Nashville, Cindy Andrews-Looper. Cindy now has a business called, Enlighten Your Soul Now where she seeks to help people on their spiritual journey.
Join me for my discussion with Pastor Cyd on this week's episode.
If God is for you, who can be against you?
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